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Welcome to Map It!, an intuitive tool that makes Lexington’s geographic information system work for you. Map It! allows you to quickly access and display geographic data with print and email capabilities. Map It! will allow you to locate an address, find a street, or identify an intersection. The Pick It! menu option provides a listing of various geographic data that will be mapped once a selection is made. Geographic data available via the Pick It! tool includes; parks, golf courses, government sites, and points of interest.

Map It! and Pick It! results will display additional data depending on your request type. When an address is located, Map It! will return additional information about that location such as; closest park, zoning type, tax district, and political representation. When items are selected using Pick It!, specific descriptive information about that feature is provided. Click here to learn more about Lexington’s geographic information system (GIS) and mapping services.
Find a street examples
E New Circle Rd
W Fourth St
S Limestone
Waller Ave
Alumni Dr

Find an address examples
200 E Main St
110 N Limestone
3700 Man O War Blvd
1221 S Broadway
3330 Partner Pl

Find an intersection examples
Malabu Dr/Malabu Ct
Star Shoot Pkwy/Sir Barton Way
Rosemont Garden/Southland Dr
Esplanade/E Short St
Jacks Creek Pike/Old Richmond Rd