Old AddressNew AddressOccupantImage
1221 S Broadway Lexington Clinicview
1030 S Broadway 4Lexington Clinic Support Svcsview
1850 Bryant Rd 110Ball Homes Selection Centerview
486 Curry Ave Prather Investmentsview
2472 Fortune Dr 150Anixterview
2308 Frankfort Ct Randy Walker Electricview
1881 Gerald Dr 101Apartment
475 Glen Arvin Ave Internet Caféview
1925 Justice Dr 170Life Without Fear Chiropractorview
151 Larue 120Whiteboxview
220 Lexington Green Cir 202BD Globalview
103 S Limestone 1030Centre Point Condosview
103 S Limestone 1010Condosview
103 S Limestone 1110Condominiumsview
133 N Locust Hill Dr Storageview
100 W Main St 700Jackson Kellyview
325 W Main St 100Bank of Americaview
333 E Main St 180East End Tap & Tableview
369 E Main St 301Condosview
100 W Main St 200Getty Law Officeview
409 W New Circle Rd Crossroads Counseling Services Incview
2348 Nicholasville Rd 130Bank of Americaview
2130 Nicholasville Rd Kentucky Homeview
220 Ruccio Way 170Thomas Sewing Centerview
250 E Short St Taylormade Developmentview
2321 Sir Barton Way 160Cost Plus World Marketview
120 Summit at Fritz Farm 165Whiteboxview
1789 Tates Creek Rd Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintsview
3101 Wall St Baptist Healthcare Systemsview
611 Winchester Rd Space Tangoview
1881 Gerald Dr 102Apartment
1881 Gerald Dr 201Apartment
1881 Gerald Dr 202Apartmentview
103 S Limestone 1020Condosview
103 S Limestone 1040Centre Point Condosview
103 S Limestone 1050Centre Point Condosview
103 S Limestone 1060Centre Point Condosview
103 S Limestone 1120Condominiumsview
103 S Limestone 1130Condominiumsview
103 S Limestone 1140Condominiumsview
103 S Limestone 1150Condominiumsview
103 S Limestone 1160Condominiumsview
369 E Main St 302Condosview
369 E Main St 303Condosview
369 E Main St 304Condosview
369 E Main St 305Condosview
369 E Main St 306Condosview
369 E Main St 401Condosview
369 E Main St 402Condosview
369 E Main St 403Condosview
369 E Main St 404Condosview
369 E Main St 405Condosview
369 E Main St 406Condosview
369 E Main St 501Condosview
369 E Main St 502Condosview
369 E Main St 503Condosview
369 E Main St 504Condosview
369 E Main St 505Condosview
369 E Main St 506Condosview
746 Shropshire Ave 102Apartmentview
746 Shropshire Ave 101Apartmentview
746 Shropshire Ave 103Apartmentview
Address Changes