Old AddressNew AddressOccupantImage
3195 Beaumont Centre Cir 120Dr. Megan Jackson Pediatric Dentistryview
604 Bellcastle Rd Residential New Constructionview
3470 Blazer Pkwy 350SJE Blazer Oncology Clinicview
644 N Broadway Voices of Hopeview
561 S Broadway 110Chasing Down The Moneyview
603 S Broadway Univ Of KY Federal Credit Unionview
4422 Bryan Station Rd Bldg 1Residentialview
1794 Bryan Station Rd American Legionview
2283 Calendula Rd Residential New Constructionview
2171 Christian Rd 105Camp Bow Wowview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 201Apartmentview
499 Conway Ct 120Cogent Solutions Groupview
1411 Deleware Ave Nugent Officesview
1734 Eastland Ct CAP Eastland Indoor Storage Facilityview
2296 Executive Dr Dollar Treeview
2285 Executive Dr 120Prichard Committeeview
3575 Haley Rd Residential New Construction
884 Iron Works Pike Bldg 18Spendthrift Farmview
1021 N Limestone 120Hair Salonview
1021 N Limestone 130Pharmacyview
132 Louie Pl Cap Townley Indoor Storage Facilityview
401 W Main St 103Appharvestview
100 Malabu Dr Dollar Treeview
3801 Mall Rd 175Sports Center LLCview
275 W New Circle Rd Luckys Autosportsview
3555 Nicholasville Rd 918Offline By Aerieview
4001 Nicholasville Rd Autozoneview
2220 Nicholasville Rd 112Zandale Shopping Centerview
2870 Richmond Rd 150My Salon Suitesview
385 Rose St Tropical Smoothieview
286 Southland Dr Masonic Lodgeview
120 Summit At Fritz Farm 120Shady Raysview
127 W Tiverton Way 128Molina Healthcare
170 Turner Commons Way Turner Properties 4view
196 Turner Commons Way 110Turner Properties 4view
817 Winchester Rd 130Solutioneeringview
4422 Bryan Station Rd Bldg 2Residentialview
4422 Bryan Station Rd Bldg 3Residentialview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 202Apartmentview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 203Apartmentview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 204Apartmentview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 205Apartmentview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 206Apartmentview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 207Apartmentview
3101 Clays Mill Rd 208Apartmentview
196 Turner Commons Way 120Turner Properties 4view
411 E Sixth St 1411 E Sixth St 101Residentialview
411 E Sixth St 2411 E Sixth St 102Residentialview
411 E Sixth St 3411 E Sixth St 103Residentialview
411 E Sixth St 4411 E Sixth St 201Residentialview
411 E Sixth St 5411 E Sixth St 202Residentialview
Address Changes